How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

Want to know how to export all bookmarks in Google Chrome? Then you have come to the right place. Here i will show you how to export your bookmarks from the Google Chrome browser. And, all the step-by-step processes shown in this blog will be shown to you in a very nice and simple way through pictures and explanations. So that you can easily understand and apply it just by seeing it.

Why Export Bookmarks in Chrome?

Sometimes we reset our computer/laptop or mobile for some reason. For that reason, we have to install the Google Chrome browser again. But sometimes the bookmarks saved in our Chrome browser can no longer be found. The reason is that all bookmarks are automatically deleted as a result of resetting our Google Chrome or our device/PC. So we need to export Chrome bookmarks before hitting reset.

How do I export all my Chrome Bookmarks? 

Now I will show you the complete step-by-step process of how to export chrome bookmarks. All your bookmarks will be protected if you export according to the process I showed.

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser on your PC or Mac

First, open the Google Chrome browser from your computer/PC or Mac. Or if you are using Windows 7, Windows 10, or any updated version of Windows, it will work in the same way. And from here you will open your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click the Chrome Menu icon 

When you open your Google Chrome browser, you can see a symbol of three dots icon on the right side. To notice it well, if you look at the top of your Chrome browser, you will see this three-button icon in the right side corner. Then click on that Chrome menu icon.

Step 3: Go to Bookmarks > Bookmark manager

When you click on the three-dot chrome icon, you can see the “Bookmarks” option below. Then you can see the “Bookmark manager” next to it after choosing the “Bookmarks” option. Which I have shown in red mark in the picture. Now you click on the “Bookmark manager” option from here.

You can also open the “Bookmark Manager” option by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O from your keyboard using the shortcut method.

Step 4: Open the Bookmark Menu Icon

Then when you open the bookmark manager option, you can see the three dots button in the upper-right corner. This menu is used to manage bookmarks. Then click on this three-dot menu icon.

Step 5: Now Click on Export Bookmarks

Whenever you click on this three-dot button, you will see an option called Export Bookmarks below. Now, to export all your Chrome bookmarks, click on the red-marked Export Bookmarks option shown in the image below.

Step 6: Select Destination and Save

As soon as you click on the Export Bookmarks option, a Save As box will open on your PC. Now from here, you can choose to save the export file to any folder on your device/PC. All your Chrome bookmarks will be saved as an HTML file. You can save this export file with any name you want. You can follow this same process on any Windows or Mac OS you are using.

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